Elara Services | Privacy Policy

Privacy Poilcy

This policy is now in effect as of: 8/8/2020

This contains the privacy policy and agreement you accept when adding any of the below mentioned bots to a server, or use them as a user in a server.


Name - (ID)

@Elara#1162 - (455166272339181589)

@Elara#2878 - (491635097599082497)

@ModBot#9095 - (535824054763126784)

Animal Photos - (907969268660973609)







The following domains is deprecated and will be removed in the future:

Animal Photos Application/Bot

The Animal Photos application does not collect any information, all interactions is done through application commands (slash commands) or button interactions.


ModBot is deprecated and will be replaced by a new system.
Note: All of the old settings will most likely be transferred to the new system when it gets created.

1) ModBot does not store any message content or anything PII.
2) ModBot only stores the following:

3) ModBot will automatically remove mute data once the action is over or requested by one of the server admins.
4) ModBot will automatically remove server settings data from the system (so you will have to set it back up again!)

NOTE: Warnings and mutes are stored up to 1 week before being removed from the system after the bot is removed from the server.

This is to avoid accidental removals, so your entire server's warnings and mutes isn't gone

If you want your data removed from our system sooner please reach out in the support server!

The Data we collect

1) Guild, Channel, User, Role IDs

2) Guild, User names (such as: Testing or SUPERCHIEFYT#0001)

4) Content (this only is for the services

5) Message Data (Explained more below)

How we use the data

Note: All data collected is to make your experience with the services better.

1) Guilds

2) Channels

3) Users

4) Roles

5) User's Guilds

6) Paste/Haste Content.

7) Message Data

8) Announcement/Say Security Logging

How to remove your data from our services.

1) For server data this will be removed once the bot leaves the server.

2) For user data refer to the How we use the data section

3) For user-guilds data this will be removed after 10 minutes to 1 day, or you can press the logout button to do it sooner.

4) If it's for the non bot services join the support server and request the data to be deleted.

5) To delete your pastes you'd need to join the support server and use the /delete paste id: slash command with our Roo bot

6) For Hastebin go to the support server and request the haste to be deleted from the database, or wait 2-3 weeks for it to automatically be deleted.

7) For message data this will be removed after 1 day, or has been deleted in the server's channel, if you wish to delete your server's messages from the database use: /config toggles | Note once the messages are removed they're gone forever.
If you're a user and you want ALL of your messages deleted from our system then join the support server and DM one of the Bot Staff to request your messages to be removed from the system. (hopefully the process can be done within 1 day)

Who has access to the data collected?

Only the developer(s) for the services have access to the information and is NEVER given out to third parties, unless ordered by law.

How long is the data stored for?

The data is normally stored indefinitely unless requested to be deleted or the bot leaves the server, or the user does it themselves.
Message data is stored for 1 day (can change at anytime!)

Your rights to the data collected.

If you want a copy of your server or user's data contact us via the support server, we will strive to respond to your request within 30 days.


By using any of the mentioned services you consent to policies outlined in this document. Additionally you the Server Owner, Administrator or Manager agree to inform your users about this policy.

If you the Server Owner, Administrator or Manager do not agree with this policy you may remove the bot(s) from the server and stop using our services.

If you the server member do not agree with this policy you may leave the server that uses the bot(s) and stop using our services, additionally you may revoke authorization of the Service in your “Authorized Apps” menu on Discord.